The mission of the Progressive Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party is to advocate for progressive solutions to the challenges confronting Kansas, America and the world.
We are working to achieve this mission by focusing on:
* Health Care for All * * Fair Taxes and Against TABOR * * Electing Progressives *

Board vacancy

We received and accepted a resignation letter from Dakota Bass, male Co-Chair, on Monday June 11th.

We'd like to wish Dakota good luck on his future endeavors and thank him for his service.

This leaves a vacancy on our board during a time when we can not afford to have vacant spots.

If you would like to nominate someone for the position of Male Co-Chair please email us at Please get permission from the nominee before nominating them.

Whomever is elected shall serve the reminder of the term which ends at the 2014 Washington Days meeting.

Description of the Co-Chair position : Convene and preside over meetings of the Caucus Board and
Caucus Membership, serve as liaisons to the state and national party, shall regularly attend caucus and
appropriate Kansas Democratic Party meetings and are the primary spokespeople for the caucus.

Nominations will cease July 3rd, 2012 at midnight.

new Third District Chair

Our new Third District chair is Mesbah Islam. Thank you and congratulations to Mesbah!

Board vacancy

Kansas Progressive Caucus Members,

The Third District Chair position was recently vacated and we are now accepting nominations for a replacement. We will cease nominations Friday, March 30th and the board will elect a new chair on Sunday April 1st.

The District Chairs should be involved in their districts and regularly attend events in the area. Attendance at both the Washington Days and Demofest caucus meetings is expected. If you know someone who would fit well into the role please email

Thank you,

Your Kansas Progressive Caucus Board

What we're working on

These are the activities we are currently working on, if you'd like to help out with any of these please contact us at

Updating our platform/mission statement
Writing an endorsement questionnaire
Membership drive
Planning our hospitality suite for Demofest
Finding progressive candidates

Progressive Values ARE American Values

Here is a song Jim Hermann wrote to summarize progressive values, and make the case that these are American Values.

Why Progressive Democrats

People who's politics have a populist bent, whether they be progressive or libertarian, often have a tremendous frustration with the existing two party system. This is because the two parties tend toward the monied interests, usually the corporate dominated military-industrial-congressional complex. The two parties often disagree about things around the edges of the empire to give the appearance of left-right paradigm, but on the major things the two parties are in total agreement.

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